Since 1973, Carpinser Yacht Paint Division has assembled a team of highly skilled team of painters, carpenters and refinishers who are well versed in all aspects of surface preparation and various finish products. Our procedure and technique delivers consistent quality work. Our high standards for varnish and refinishing are well above the industry standard, to restore your tired, old finish to its original appearance.

Yachts have busy schedules and so do we. At Carpinser Yacht Paint Division we not only manage time efficiently and work around a vessel's busy schedule, but we also adapt to unforeseen issues or additional tasks. We will help you achieve your goals on time and within budget.

Every yacht is different and so is every owner. At Carpinser Yacht Paint Division we make sure to prioritize accordingly and find out what is important to each client. We make time to communicate with our clients and ensure that they are happy with the progress and final outcome.

Carpinser Yacht Paint Division takes very seriously environmental care and we find highly important to follow ISO 14001 guidelines!